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balancing_460x259Chilled water commissioning.

Ice refrigeration can carry out chilled water flow rate commissioning, we will commission new installations, modified chilled water systems or existing and out of balance systems.

We are familiar with chilled water flow through fan coils in large or small offices, we know chilled water systems and have many years of experience in this industry, we can commission any chilled water system and show a report on.

  • temperature difference
  • flow rates
  • we can diagnose flow rate problems from faulty pumps
  • blocked pipework
  • blocked filters
  • we can also analyse water quality
  • supply water treatment as needed
  • advise on cleaning systems by adding inline filters etc.
  • We supply inhibitors and glycol
  • We really are quite versatile

Give us a go and contact us.

phone us on 01747 811228 or the service manager on 07708969572 our email is http://info at