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We have been in the industry for 30 years and have extensive knowledge of industrial water chillers, air conditioning, cold rooms, and bespoke cooling equipment.

We have built a bespoke water chiller for the Ritz casino, due to location and existing ductwork and controls; this system had to built and gives approx. 160kw of cooling for what was the casino area.

We have built a bespoke chilling system for testing products down to -54, and in a vacuum to simulate 60000ft, this is built into a round steel 30 x 4m chamber, this was a very interesting project, and still ongoing, next we will be building a cascade system to get to -70.

We have subcontracted to many other companies, working on very large cooling systems for data centres, hospital MRI cooling equipment, we often carry out chiller strip downs and rebuilds for many MRIs where a crane cannot be used.

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