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Discussing a project with ICE Chiller Specialist

Ice Refrigeration Services are a professional, large KW Chiller Specialist. All services we provide are performed and supervised by a team of highly experienced Service Engineers. Industry trained by major Chiller and Air Conditioning Manufacturers.

Ice Refrigeration Services are well known in the HVAC/R sector for their steadfast commitment and focus to providing the most highly advanced service support and solutions.

Ice Refrigeration Services can perform services on centrifugal, screw, and reciprocating chillers as well as all ancillary equipment, not omitting Air Conditioning and Oil Fired Heating equipment. We also service Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ice Refrigeration Services customer focused approach to chiller field service engineering, and consultative services, performed by Ice service engineers enables them to offer the highest quality chiller services in this industry.

We don’t use sub-contractors to carry out our work, we are however sub-contractors for other companies, these companies have trust in us to carry out their work for them. Our vans are not sign written for this reason.

Our commitment to our customers is that we will provide solutions and recommendations that benefit the equipment user and not the equipment manufacturer.

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