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Older air conditioning units are Ozone depleting and environmentally unfriendly. Most older refrigeration systems use either R12 for refrigeration or R22 for air conditioning, these gasses are Ozone depleting. R12 is banned and R22 will be at the end of 2014. R22 systems can be converted to use another refrigerant. Doing this will reduce the efficiency of the unit because the replacement gasses are not as effective as the gas that  it was designed for. Also your unit will need more electric to run it thus burning more fuel at the power station.

AIR CONDITIONING  2Modern Air conditioning units use either R407c or R410a. Most use electronics to reduce the motor speeds as the unit gets close to the temperature set point. This reduces the amount of electricity used by up to 80%, not only in cooling but also in Heating.

Air conditioning is not just for cooling they also give out an impressive amount of heat. Approximately 1kw of electrical input will give 4kw of heat output. A basic bar heater would use 1kw of electric and give you 1kw of heat. This was good in its day as electric bills were not as high as today!Air conditioning units are now more energy efficient than using oil, gas or conventional electrical heating, even when using economy 7.



Reasons for installing energy efficient Air Conditioning:AIR CONDITIONING  1

  1. Instant heating and cooling.
  2. Fuel cost savings by up to 80% over older units.
  3. Very little maintenance is needed.
  4. No dangerous gasses (carbon monoxide).
  5. Adjustable built in timer operation.
  6. Aesthetically pleasing units and very quiet in operation.
  7. Units can be ducted to serve more than one room.
  8. Most units come with a 3 year parts warranty (subject to regular servicing).

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