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What is a TM44 inspection and why air conditioning inspections are required?


Having an air conditioning system inspected by an accredited air conditioning energy assessor is designed to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the carbon emissions of the system. The energy assessor will highlight improvements to the operation of existing systems or opportunities to replace older, less energy efficient systems or oversized systems with new energy efficient systems. Often the savings identified will cover the cost of the inspection.

  • As the replacement of refrigerant is restricted in older systems, there is an additional incentive to improve or replace older systems with more modern energy efficient units.


  • The person who controls the operation of the system, such as the building owner or manager, has statutory obligations and duties of care in the operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems. The inspections are in addition to the normal activities associated with the ownership and operation of air conditioning systems.


  • All air conditioning systems with an combined rated output of more than 12kw must be regularly inspected by an energy assessor and the inspections must be no more than five years apart.


 Why use ICE for your TM44?


  • We provide a bespoke service and take the time to identify the unique requirements of each client.
  • We use experienced, professional and flexible government accredited assessors to carry out the inspection, we cover all areas of the UK and we’re able to offer a competitive price.
  • You will receive a report containing energy saving recommendations and highlighting where the system can be improved. We can also offer an in depth report, which includes an executive summary. Often the savings identified can cover the cost of the inspection.
  • We will ensure that you are TM44 compliant for 5 years.




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