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Refurbished chiller

  • Cost
  • Less down time
  • Familiarity with existing controls, it can be difficult to understand new controls
  • Modifications to existing equipment could improve the running costs by reducing energy consumption
  • A refurbished chiller can be done over a period of time, so the costs can be budgeted
  • No additional cost for modifications to pipe work
  • No additional costs for electrical supply as its already there
  • No lifting off roofs or having the need to flat pack new chillers to get to plant rooms. No costly crane lifting of new equipment
  • All chillers can be refurbished or converted to make them more ozone friendly and energy efficient
  • Refrigerant can be retrofitted
  • Compressors re-manufactured
  • Condensers and evaporators can be made and installed
  • Fan speed control can be fitted
  • Most parts can be reconditioned or manufactured
  • Electrical panels and controls can be modernised to optimise the equipment’s components to reduce energy cost through improved chiller efficiency

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