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ICE water chillers
Extremely compact and easy to use and manage. Our chillers are designed for safe and reliable operation in the most varied of working conditions, providing a precise and accurate control of the process fluid temperature. The availability of a wide range of accessories and options makes our water chillers a very flexible solution that fits the needs of all industrial applications. Thanks to a non-ferrous hydraulic circuit, the chiller ensures stable working conditions with maximum quality and cleanliness of the cooling fluid (water, water glycol mixture, low viscosity fluids), improving the efficiency and productivity of the process and greatly reducing maintenance costs and plant downtime.

Each of our individual water chiller units are extensively tested to guarantee efficient operation and reliability in all working conditions.

Our water chillers have been used for years in systems connected to hospital MRI and CT scanners, as FV coolers for breweries, also plastic injection, food manufacturing and the printing industry.


Customer Benefits:

  • A differential pressure switch ensures a system shut down in the case that the circuit
    runs dry. Therefore the customers investment is protected.
  • Because of its compact design our chillers provide a space saving footprint and easy
    to install solution.
  • Spare parts available within days, not weeks, unlike some chiller manufacturers. Most
    spares available next day!
  • Condenser filters reduce dirt, thereby preventing system downtime.
  • Reliable operation even in extreme ambient conditions. The standard units allow
    maximum ambient 
    temperatures up to 48 °C. The tropicalized units up to 53 °C.
  • The non-ferrous hydraulic circuit maintains the quality of the coolant ensuring stable
    working conditions, 
    improving productivity and decreasing maintenance costs.

Water Chiller Diagram 1Don’t pay for parts you don’t need!

ICE Refrigeration modify the water chillers to suit your unique situation. Unlike the majority of manufacturers, we don’t supply a chiller fully loaded with parts that you won’t actually require or ever use. Parts that you are ultimately going to pay for! For example a brewery using chillers as FV coolers have a totally different requirement to a print manufacturer who want to remove friction heat generated on the rollers. We take a different, more affordable approach, we treat many of the parts as optional extras. Before we provide a quote, one of our engineers will discuss with you at length what you have planned for the water chiller. This will make it crystal clear which parts are actually necessary and which will be redundant. We will then quote accordingly.

Optional extras include:

  • Non ferrous evaporators.
  • Fan speed control.
  • High pressure pump.
  • Run and standby pumps.
  • Fill and vent tank.
  • And much more.

Product Features:

Complete solution, easy to install and manage

  • Hydraulic circuit: water tank, immersed evaporator, pump with bypass provide a compact and
    easy to install solution.
  • Electronic controllers with proprietary software provide access to all the parameters of the
    water chiller units and allow special management for any specific need.ICE Water Chiller
  • Available with remote monitoring.
  • Completely configurable with many options and kits to fit many industrial applications needs.
  • Condenser filters.
  • Independent condensing plenum.
  • Full access and easy service design.

High reliability and back-up eliminate downtime

  • Large water tanks allow minimum compressor cycling and precise temperature control.
  • Double independent fridge circuits.
  • 2 compressors or 4 compressors with automatic rotation.
  • Double stand-by water pumps available.
  • Maximum ambient temperature up to 45°C.

Lowest energy consumption in the market

  • Oversized condensers and evaporators.
  • Use of compliant scroll compressors.


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chiller maintenance b
   Fully tailored service support.One off call outs or annual contract. Whatever suits.
   Water/Glycol maintenance and treatment.
   Comprehensive report for each piece of equipment serviced.
   Spare parts delivered within days – not weeks!




Need Advice?

Contact ICE today for further information or to price a chiller unit on 01747 811228 or 07708 969572 or click here to email



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